2017 Spring/Summer

Munsoo Kwon’s new Spring/Summer 2017 Collection was inspired by the designer’s personal memories from San Francisco, where he built his passion and dreams for fashion. Starting from the Haight Ashbury streets, the origin of hippie counterculture, the collection shares the unforgettable reminiscences from the city of love and peace.

Throughout the Collection, fascinating design elements that symbolize San Francisco are presented. Slogans inspired by hippy culture such as “Make Love Not War” and “Peace Is Cheaper” are wittily delivered, and the Cupid’s Span details representing an outdoor sculpture in San Francisco’s Rincon Park are embroidered in blazers, rider jackets, and shirts to send out the message of love and peace.

The phrase “Keep Out” from the City’s famous cable car tracks on Powell St. appears in the design, and the immigration stamps on passport are used as design patches on coach jacket , shorts, and sleeveless t-shirts to suggest a unique street style. Spangled leopard prints and striped silk fabrics are used to express the romantic mood in San Francisco, completing the attire in a much dressier way.

Munsoo Kwon’s one of the favorite details, polka dots, have been reborn and used to feature on oversized t-shirts, bomber jacket, and robes throughout the Collection.

In order to express diverse culture of San Francisco, the Collection consists of various color palettes; soft baby pink and ivory that reminds of San Francisco’s beautiful sunlight, more vivid colors such as fuchsia pink, navy, bronze, and deep red, and of course, black and white.