2017 Fall/Winter

Are you familiar with the Amish? They are a religious group of people who are known for simple lifestyle, unique costume and reluctance to adapt conveniences of modern technology. Amish youth goes through a rite of passage during adolescence called ‘Rumspringa’ which permits him to either remain in the Amish church or leave the community. ‘Rumspringa’ is translated in English as “running around time” where the Amish youth is allowed to have a permitted break-away from the traditional way of living.

In this Collection, two contrasting colors and materials are used to complete Munsoo Kwon’s unique Amish style; black and dull brown, navy and traditional Amish checkered patterns portray conservative and disciplined living of the Amish. Then, rather provocative moods are made with alpaca, velvet, and leopard prints to symbolize the world outside of the Amish community.

Some of the essential elements of Amish style such as broadfall pants, suspenders, and capes are introduced throughout the Collection. New athleisure look is made with velvet tracksuits that say ‘Crowds’ and ‘Amish,’ along with the ensemble of turtleneck pullovers and formal pants.

Fresh and young vibe is added to the collection with bright vivid colors of red, green, yellow and purple. Wide- brim hats and scarves that graphically demonstrates iconic Amish beard make the Collection full of witty surprises. The embroidered ‘praying hands’ that represent the religious cultures of the Amish are repeatedly used in the Collection to tell the coherent story of the Amish.

Please enjoy the fascinating story of the Amish youth; its unique and classical costume styling and the new ‘Rumspringa’ experiences told by Munsoo Kwon’s FW17 Collection