2016 Spring/Summer

Munsoo Kwon’s new collection for 2016 Spring/Summer draws its inspiration from the Korea’s recent interesting issue called “Guieoh.” Guieoh happens when a person who has lived in a city decides to move to a fishing village to start a new life. Munsoo Kwon’s story begins with a phenomenon of young people starting a new life at traditional fishing villages and their new modern digital ways of living. Off-white and beige, red, navy and black are constantly used throughout the collection. Then bright neon orange and green, blue and pink are used in PVC tapes to represent the lure of the fishing rod and to brighten up the collection.

The hidden fish tails in pockets symbolize fully loaded fish boats on a good fishing day, while modern styles of classical seersuckers bring up freshness to the pieces. The Fair Isle patterned cardigans and sweaters are designed to perfect the modern styles of fishing villages. Munsoo Kwon’s signature tailored jackets together with fisherman pants will suggest a new styling formula to complete interesting “Guieoh” story. The designer also keeps his sense of humor through the collection; Gingham checkered prints and air-mash fabrics are to represent fishing nets, and his labels are rather ‘hooked’ than printed this time.