2016 Fall/Winter

MUNSOO KWON’s new collection for 2016 Fall/Winter finds its inspiration from the Renaissance of K-Pop; the Idol fandom. At the start of K-Pop wave in the 90s, the designer Munsoo Kwon found himself fascinated by the styles and music of the original K-Pop singers. In a reminiscent frame of mind, MUNSOO KWON rewinds his fashionable time machine to remind everyone of the great era. In the Collection, MUNSOO KWON shows more colors than his previous ones; camel, grey, navy, burgundy, fuchsia pink, teal blue and black and off white. He introduces unique styling by showing whimsical combinations of colors while maintaining the weight of whole presentation with toneon-tones. Towards the end, colorful turtleneck pullovers are matched with all black series to tell the coherent story of the Collection. Balloons in different colors represent the fan clubs in the 90’s, surrounding the entire runway with ultimate fandom.

The bigger, the better; 90’s iconic oversized silhouettes are found in multiple items throughout the Collection; long sporty coat, wool-denim jacket that tells forever youth, and MUNSOO KWON’s signature bomber jacket which is renewed in a oversized shape. Special eyewear is introduced to emphasize the 90’s style in collaboration with ALO. Shoulder padded suit with different shades of pink pinstripes, duffle coats which were widely worn by Korean students in the 90’s, and jacquard pullovers with “Oppa” slogan tell the significant story of the Collection, to rewind back to remind us of good old times.