2014 Fall/Winter

The inspiration of MUNSOO KWON's 14 Fall/Winter Collection is drawn from the photograph of W. Eugene Smith's, 'The Walk to Paradise Garden' in 1946. It was the first photograph that Smith took after two years of recuperation for injuries sustained while covering World War II. The picture shows two children who are the photographer's own holding hands in hands walking towards the clearing in wood. Smith recalls the moment of taking the picture saying MUNSOO KWON attempts to deliver the hope that Smith felt, to the people who wear MUNSOO KWON and encourages them to overcome the obstacles of the lives and carry a key of hope.

The texture of the fabrics in the collection conjures up the image of the grey city covered in fog and smog. Black, charcoal, navy, burgundy and white are used to represent the darkness before dawn and sunrise.

The three buttoned coat and collarless jackets are made of soft alpaca and brushed wool. Oversized coat is finished with chalk stripes brushing, and heavy jackets are lined with hound-tooth pattern. For all the outers, embroidery key is hidden and placed on the clothes to represent the key to hope.

Different types of plaids, such as tartan and buffalo checks, and polka dotted patterns were used in the shirts group. Brushed span fabric is used in asymmetric slim pants and cargo pants for functionality and extra warmth, and laminating sweat suits are added in the cut and saw category. Lastly, MUNSOO KWON's popular group of knits consist of different styles of sweaters and cardigans with jacquard details inspired by the coherent theme, key of hope.